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Our Story


During the Prohibition period of the 1920s in the United States, hidden speakeasies provided a means through which people could drink their favorite alcoholic spirits.  These speakeasy establishments were characterized by their intimate environment and drinks.

Ounce Taipei is a modern rendition of this speakeasy concept, and was created from a shared passion for good drinks, good food, good company, and good times.  We honor the traditions of great bartenders and great bars, past and present, by holding our dining and drinking experience to the highest standards.

We believe that drinks are pieces of art, and the people who make these drinks are artists.  Ounce pays respect to the craft and creativity of the gastronomic bartender who uses his/her knowledge and expertise to create the perfect cocktail for each individual customer.  With this in mind, we find the proper drink for each customer based on his/her taste, preference, and state of mind.

We want the experience to be just as good as the drinks.  In the speakeasies of the 1920s, friendships were forged over clandestine meetings, shared secrets, and flowing drinks.  Ounce Taipei strives to provide the same environment to our  customers.  We have taken painstaking care to make sure that you will experience the nuances of our food and drinks in an intimate setting amongst friends.  We implore you to take your time to explore the carefully curated menu by our award-wining bartenders.

Ounce is committed to showcasing unique experiences and distinctive offerings.  As such, we are excited to selectively partner with r e l a x : the espresso place, a café that offers a one of a kind pairing of artisinal chocolates with espressos.